Friday, June 29, 2007

My First Meme!!

(Wanna win a $25 Target Card? Click here!) I am officially deflowering my meme self with this first one, called 5 Questions. Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer threw this one out there for anyone to grab and I happened to have my arms in the air at the moment and what do ya know, it landed in me hands!

And without further ado, here they are! I hope you are sitting down because my answers will, of course, be life changing!

If you could eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Most people would try to think of something they love to eat, something that tastes delicious, or reminds them of a favorite time in their lives. I, in my annoying insanity, instead think "What will provide the most options and be healthiest?" So friends, I'll be the one with the cobb salad. It covers the whole food pyramid in one big bowl of yummy goodness.

What's the most nerve-racking "close-call" you've ever had?

You know the whole "1 weekend a month, 2 weeks a summer" of the Army Reserves? During one of my "two weeks a summer" at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin I was helping out a fellow soldier in planning her wedding during our free time. We were in her car on our way to the closest town to buy some wedding favors or something when out of nowhere a milk truck hit us and sent the car rolling down into a ditch. You know how in moments like this your life is supposed to flash through your eyes and you should feel a sense of calm or something like that? Well, not here folks. Instead I spent those long seconds cussing like a sailor (or soldier in this case)and then informing the truck driver, who came to check on us, of just how low his IQ level actually was.

Name five features your dream home would have.

Being in the middle of this right now (house hunting) makes this kinda hard to narrow down to just five features. But I'll try! 1. A huge porch with a swing 2. 4 really big bedrooms with huge closets 3. A huge yard (self-mowing preferably) with room for a garden and tons of forts for my boys 4. A room for me to do all kinds of silly stuff like start expensive hobbies I will quit 2 days later, cause that's how I roll 5. Ginormous amounts of cabinets and counter space in a kitchen with granite counter tops and all the latest appliances all run on solar power

Who has been the most influential non-relative in your life?

This is tough because I have a huge family and spend the majority of my time with them. My best friends are my three sisters and my mom. I guess I would have to say my ex-boyfriends. They showed me exactly who I didn't want to be with for the rest of my life, exactly how I didn't want to be treated and exactly how I didn't want to raise any future children I would end up having. Bet you weren't expecting that angle, huh?

What is one non-physical feature you would like to change about yourself?

I really, really wish I had more patience with people. I think it would make me a better mama, wife, daughter and friend.

Do you feel so much closer to me now? I tag anyone who wants to do this meme to go for it!

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