Monday, June 25, 2007


Jules over at Everyday Mommy made the a dump truck birthday cake for her son on Saturday. So cute!

I, too, dabbled in the art of sculpture like birthday cakes this weekend. Yesterday was Big Boy's 4th birthday party and we had a pirate theme. Anyway, here is the cake:

Yes, the ship is actually cake! I baked a round cake, cut it into two moon shapes, glued them together with icing and voila a ship shape was born. I cut off the bottom so it would sit flat on the flat cake ocean. Then I iced it with brown icing, secured it to the ocean with bamboo skewers which served as my masts, and decorated with Crunch Stix cannons and chocolate wafer railing. Hate to toot my own horn but TOOT TOOT!


love.boxes said...

The boys loved that cake I bet!

The pirate theme reminded me of this little guy that goes to my daughters ballet school. When the costumes came he said that he hoped that his would be a Batman costume... (nope) He was a courtier guy so it was a little pale blue velvet thing.. His mom suggested that it could be a pirate costume.. He looked very doubtful and dissapointed and said, "It looks like a very NIce pirate."

I don't know if this kid is meant for the Ballet.. unless they let him be Batman in the recital next year. :)

headless chicken said...

Awesome! My boys would love that. Your explanation didn't look very complicated, but I'm not sure I have the patience to do all that!

And they would probably want to play with it instead of eat it!