Wednesday, August 15, 2007

WFMW: Quick House Cleaning Tips

Our house has been on the market for 5 months now. And between the at least once a week showings and the five people who live here, including three little guys 4 and under, it has been an unending cycle of cleaning and messing up, cleaning and messing up, cleaning and messing up....

So here is my "quick" routine to get the house ready for a showing.

  1. First off, get the machines working for you. Fill the dishwasher and throw a load into the washing machine. This way, while you move on to other areas the dishes and laundry will be getting done as well.
  2. Organize your mess. Do a quick run through of the house taking all the dirty dishes to the sink and all the dirty clothes to the laundry room and throw all loose toys toward the toy room/kids bedroom. I also have a few plastic bags around for quick trash disposal.
  3. Once everything has been given a quick once over, work on one room at a time. I usually start with the kitchen and then move on to the bedrooms and finally baths.
  4. Once everything is put away and wiped down, I vacuum and mop. Except I don't mop. A quick wipe with a wet rag works just as good in a hurry.

Speaking of hurry, here are a few of my cheating-at-cleaning tips:

  1. Hide it! Dirty dishes can go in the oven or fridge. Dirty laundry can go in pretty hampers or in the washer and dryer or even under the bed.
  2. Instead of mopping, use a wet rag to wipe up smudges and spills. Use your blow dryer to blow all that yucky hair on the bathroom floor under the rug.
  3. Don't know where to put it? Stash random papers and other odds and ends in a drawer to sort out later. Or you can throw them all in a little box or basket and toss it in an empty cabinet.
  4. Only the top blanket has to look nice! People looking at your house don't care if your sheets have hospital corners. Just make sure your bedspread is smooth.
  5. Take it with you! When I am doing a quick clean I never waste time folding laundry. I just load it into the car when I leave and fold it while I am out. The kids play at the park and I fold laundry in the car or at a picnic table until the showing is over.

Hope these tips help, even if your house isn't on the market. For more tips check out Shannon's.


At A Hen's Pace said...

My house IS on the market...and we have six kids! It's only been two months tho.

We make extensive use of the garage as a hiding place for random stuff. I had not thought of taking laundry to fold with me--great idea!


Mommy Bee said...

These are some great tips! Thanks for sharing. We will eventually be putting our house on the market, so I am always interested to know how others keep their houses in "show" condition! :o)

SAHMmy Says said...

I remember those days too well--our home was on the market for six months! I saved time on cleaning by having everyone use only one bathroom; the second bath was off limits, even for handwashing. This way I only had to clean one bathroom every day. The second bath just needed the toilet flushed once a day to keep it fresh and I dusted once a week!

What Works For Us said...

These are great! I love the hiding tip! In our next house, I'm for sure going to demand more closets (hiding spaces)!!

Laane said...


But don't have the kids around, otherwise they think it should be done that way! LOL!

elaine said...

There are great tips!

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