Wednesday, December 19, 2007

WFMW: The Christmas Pickle

Here is a quick Christmas tradition from our house (and many others, I'm sure). It takes little to no time or effort, yet the kids look forward to it each year.

It's the Christmas pickle! All you have to do is find, or make*, a pickle ornament and leave it out for Santa. The big guy is well aware of this tradition, so no need to clue him in on his part of hiding the pickle somewhere on the tree. Then when everyone wakes up, the first kiddo to find the pickle gets to be the first to open a gift.

* While you can buy these pickles at almost every place that sells ornaments, you may want to make one as part of the fun. You can draw one on sturdy card stock or use some clip art glued to a piece of cardboard.

Hope this adds to your holiday fun! What traditions make Christmas special at your house?

For more tips, head over to Shannon's! But be sure to check back later for a super simple homemade scone recipe, another Christmas morning tradition from the Ordinary home!


Gift of Green said...

We also have the Christmas pickle! In our house, though, I hide it in the tree and let the kids find it. Even after they know where it is, they keep going back to look at "the magic pickle"!

jennwa said...

I love that treadition.

Family O'Foxes said...

my sister in law made our family one a couple years ago. she sent the history behind the pickle. we have never "hid" the Christmas pickle...but we are going to give it a try this year.


lisa (lost pezhead) said...

my mom hung REAL pickles on the tree one we have some nice glass blown sturdy ones!

Genni @ Mother, may I snore? said...

We do this, too! It gets kind of cut-throat around here on Christmas morning when one of the kids remembers to look for the pickle. The only difference is that we have a (small) special pickle present for the victorious finder.

infinitygoods said...

Good to know! I always wondered why there were so many pickle ornaments for sale, but never thought about it when in front of the Google screen. Thanks.