Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hot Mama Revolution: Help A Mama Out

A few days ago, I got this message from FarmWife asking for some help from her fellow Hot Mamas:

"I know you're off being fabulous in the Big Easy, but when you get the chance I have a HMR request. Could you discuss bags? I'm having a diaper bag/purse/tote big enough to pack my youngest child around in issues & need help!"

My favorite purse/diaper bag solution is the Liz Claiborne pictured in the link on the sidebar for Never Too Cute To Kick Some Ass.

How about you guys? Do you have a favorite brand? Any tips to keep in mind when shopping? Share your Hot Mama bag knowledge with FarmWife, won't you?


Lorraine said...

I don't carry a purse anymore, not since I accidentally left on the cart when one of my kids had an emergency @ the food store and fraudulent charges showed up on CC a few days later (they don't have to steal the card people! just the numbers!)

I have a wallet in my back pocket. Sexy, I know. But when I need to lug things around, I use my trusty backpack.

DesignerHER Momma said...

oh I might have to post on this. I'm a purse snob...not in the designer sense or anything, I'm just really picky.


moosh in indy. said...

I have the Mary Poppins hobo bag of dreams. It's a Lucky Brand one, a little pricey, but it goes with everything and carries everything. Seriously.
Not to mention it will last until Armageddon.