Monday, July 14, 2008

Hot Mama Revolution: Jazzing Up The Ordinary

Remember how on last Monday I told you how my average, everyday outfit looks something like this:

Well, I wasn't lyin'! Cause look what I wore today, same outift just different colors.

This shirt is a little shorter. And since I go for the "shirt down to the hips" look, I added a tank underneath to lengthen the look. And it's hard to tell, but yes, the pants are a different color. These are khaki and the others were sage green-ish.

And my jade necklace stood out on the white shirt, but this darker top need some bling. So I went with my silver (ish) starfish necklace that I got at this restaurant (try the Oysters Casino) while I was in Florida for $10 in their gift shop. I love it. It's my new favorite accessory.

Which leads me to this week's question: When you've got an average outfit going on, what is your one favorite thing you throw on to jazz things up?


DesignHER Momma said...

hats. I do hats, that way I don't have to do my hair and can also almost avoid putting makeup on. Oh wait, that's not very hot mama is it? Well, I just admitted my reality I guess.

I do also like shoes......oh, and purses, necklaces and I've been into hair accessories like vintage bobby pins too!

Alice said...

It's hard to jazz up a red streak of paint across your chest and the coffee spill from 7-11.

You're way chic-er than me. Really. I'm in trouble if I get a real job this fall.

Memarie Lane said...

I have that necklace!!! Avon was selling them last summer for $3.50. I love it, but can't find any matchign earrings.