Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Getting Sponsored

So this past weekend, I went to Nashville for the Blissdom Conference. If you were there, you may remember me as the girl with the Smashies. You know, the delicious organic applesauce that comes in a convenient squeezable pouch with a re-usable lid?

That's right! I gladly handed out those cute little green packages, laid out a few brochures on the tables at the cocktail party and Twittered about their yummy goodness incesantly. You wanna know why??? Because they sponsored my sister and I (a.k.a. the Mom's Marbles crew) for the trip.

Mary Ellen and our roomies Emily (DesignHerMomma), Casey (MooshinIndy), and Heather (TheSpohrsAreMultiplying) gearing up for the conference with some Smashies.

When I told people that we had been sponsored, the response was almost always, "How did you get a sponsor?!?!?" And I told them, "Well, I asked."

I've sent my "Could you sponsor me please?" letter out to a few different people but I figured I'd post it here so you all can get an idea of how it all came to be.

Hi Taylor,

Thanks again for letting us sample your delicious Smashies! We had so much fun holding the contest for you, too!

My sister Mary Ellen (co-founder of Mom's Marbles) and I are heading down to Nashville on February 6th and 7th for the Blissdom Conference. We are currently looking for sponsors to make this trip possible. We would absolutely love to spread the word about Smashies to all of the talented women bloggers who will be in attendance.

Mary Ellen and I are currently seeking donations of $100 and above. We would be happy to hand out business cards, samples, t-shirts...whatever you would like! A large car magnet for the trip down and back would be fun too!

If you are able to sponsor our trip in any way, please let me know.

Thank you so much!


I will tell you that we did approach a few other companies who either couldn't or didn't want to sponsor us. But no biggie, because Smashies pulled through!

Now this isn't free money, so be prepared to make it worthwhile for your sponsors. Do a good job for them, and they'll likely keep you in mind for future projects!

So if you're thinking of heading to BlogHer this summer, think of all the people you have worked with before and start sending out those emails! The more you send, the better chance you'll have of getting your trip completely taken care of. :)


Designher Momma said...

Thanks for sharing! you are brilliant. I'm going to work on finding sponsorship for BlogHER.

Anyone reading this want to sponsor me? Anyone? No?

Jennifer, Playgroups Are No Place For Children said...

Brilliant, Sarah! Thanks for getting the word out about sponsorships!

Jerri - Simply Sweet Home said...

Thanks for sharing. I'm starting to do sponsorships on my site, so this is good advice!

rachel - a southern fairytale said...

Sing it Girl!! That's exactly the way to do it! YAY y'all!!!

So glad that y'all were sponsored because I got to meet y'all and now, we're BFF's forever, right? ;-)

Alli Worthington { @fussypants } said...


Anissa Mayhew said...

Way to be willing to share you knowledge and help others...there are times when it feels like people SIT so protectively on what works for them. Do they not get that if we can reach out to more companies, it's an ever growing effort?

Rock it, hotstuff!

Mommy Melee said...

This was awesome advice, thank you!

Suburban Oblivion said...

Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest! Congrats :)

Bargain Briana said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm wanting to get a sponsor for Blogher so I need to get crackin' with my past contacts! :)

and smashies - what a fun name and they taste yummy! Thanks for sharing them with us at Blissdom!

Meghan said...

Good for you!!!

oh amanda said...

Awesome! Thanks for sharing your email! I love the FULL disclosure!

(btw, I've bought those smashies for my daughter and she loves them!!)

frugalisfab said...

Thanks so much for being willing to share this awesome information. I didn't go to Blissdom because I couldn't afford it. I am definitely going to give this a try.

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