Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ask Away

Wow. Somehow we're on day 18 of February and I've only posted 3 times. Hmmm

Oddly enough, I feel pretty OK about that.

But I'm in the mood for some fun. So, what the heck. Let's have some fun!

How about a little "Ordinary Questions", huh? Go for it. ask me anything. How do I do this? What does Mr. Ordinary think of that? Would I ever....? Have I ever...? Do I prefer.....? Do I have advice about...?

Go for it! Get creative! Dig deep! Be silly! Ask anything. Just remember, this won't be any fun without questions so pretty please ask something.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ordinary Sarah, I don't think you are ordinary tho'. You sound pretty extrordinary to me. I like your new blog site.
Let's see......How many children do you have now? Is it two lil boys and one sweet, lil baby girl?
I asked once before but didn't get an answer; what is the baby's name?Do the boys play good together?
Do you live out in the country?
Are you crafty? Have any animals?
Well. guess that's enough for now.

Looking forward to your answers....

Kork said...

I'm just wondering how adjusting to schooling has been with that adorable baby girl you're so darn proud of?

Also...are you planning to stick with what you're doing in that aspect, or are you thinking of some changes for next school year?

I'm so excited to see all the fun things, and really did enjoy the post about feeding...

Keep smooching that sweet little girl head, and just remind her...brothers were indeed sent to torment and tease. But it will truly only make her stronger in the end. I know...I am STILL the baby sister after more than 3 decades!

Kork said...

ok - thought of another one...

How do you and Mr. Ordinary handle the money from any sales you might do, or have done in the past?

I ask, because BB and I had an emergency that used up most of Baby Step #1. We are selling some things that we don't need, and if they all sell, we can replenish that Emergency Fund. Trouble is, he wants to use it to do the next phase of finishing our basement instead...thoughts?

Heather said...

What are your thoughts on marshmallow fluff?

And what of Peeps?

I really need to know-lol

designHER Momma said...

ok, I got a good one. Now that you have a little girl to shop for - where have been your favorite places to pick up the pink?

Must Be Motherhood said...

If you could live anywhere, where would you pick?

FarmWife said...

I want to know how you deal with "boy part" discussions. We've had a lot of them lately due to some issues with B.B. I try to use technical terms with my kids but some people think that's odd. I'm just wondering how you & Mr.O deal with it....especially now that there's a little girl in your mix.