Friday, March 12, 2010

All Things Soft and Sweet

Sunshine (she has a bloggy name!!!!) has successfully moved beyond the Lump of Sweetness stage into the Wiggling and Giggling stage.

She's mastered the tummy to back roll and is thinking about trying a back to tummy roll sometime soon, I'm sure.

Her chubby little hands reach for faces and grab and shake the fabric on her pretty little dresses.

I lay her on her blanket on the floor, get down on my tummy to be at her eye level and encourage her to roll to me.

"Come on, sweetheart. Come get Mama!"

She smiles, blows raspberries and curls her knees up to her tummy, grunts and turns toward me.

I remember these days with my boys. I'd lay them on their backs and fill one side of the blanket with toys, enticing them to roll to them. Stuffed animal bugs, little cars and teddy bears.

But now, the roller is a girl. And this fact, of course, requires an investment in a new set of toys.

Being the 4th baby, gifts aren't rolling in like they did with the others. But I like it that way. She has few things but each was selected specifically for her because we love it. So far, I've only bought her one toy. A purple elephant, from Bright Starts, that dangles from her car seat handle and plays the most darling little songs, unlike the mind-numbing high-pitched noises that come from most baby toys.

Here are a few new selections I have my eyes on:

Haba Perlina Clutching Toy

Haba Perlina Clutching ToyEverything about this one calls to me. The shapes, the creamy, soft colors, the sweet little bell in the middle. 

Käthe Kruse 74197 "Nicki" Baby Pink

Käthe Kruse "Nicki" Baby Doesn't this just look so adorably soft and squishy and pink? Perfect for Sunshine's sweet little hands. A baby doll! After years of trucks and bugs, I get giddy thinking of a baby doll being in my home.

Vulli Vanilla Flavored Ring Teether, 2 Pack

Vulli Vanilla Flavored Ring Teether The sweetness! Oh, the sweetness! I especially love the little lamb. And they're vanilla flavored! Genius, I tell you!

And of course, just about anything and everything from Little Allouette!

It's just the way I dreamed when I was a little girl. I dress her up, brush her pretty hair and buy her all things soft and sweet. I love being the mama to this little girl.

Yes, those are affiliate links. Yes, I may just possibly get a tiny itty bit of change if you click through and happen to purchase anything. No, I'm not in it for the money. I really do plan on purchasing some new toys and just wanted to share my favorites with you.


prettystitches said...

I can't believe our babies are 4 months old now!! Sunshine looks like your pic so much. She's just precious!

Tania @ Larger Family Life said...

I love the doll! I want the doll! My youngest daughter is ten now, so a little old for the doll. Then five boys in a row... so no doll. Wonder if I'll get to buy a doll in October?!

Rachel said...

OH the ADORABLENESS of her. She's sooo gorgeous and nommable.

LOVE little girlie things ;-) definitely sugar and spice.

my baby girl.. just lost her 2nd tooth (hold me)