Monday, August 22, 2011

Completely Unplugged

After our clean the house from top to bottom Sunday routine was done, Mr. Ordinary took us all out to dinner. We had our favorite, McAllister's on their patio. Refill on my sweet tea? Yes, please.

After dinner, we returned home to find our usually incredibly sensitive garage door opener wasn't working. Mr. Ordinary kept clicking away until our neighbor walked over and let us know that the power was out.

I remembered seeing almost all the neighbors visiting in their yards, kids riding bikes and tossing around a football as we drove through the neighborhood just a few seconds before. It all made sense now as I put two and two together.

Normally, we would have stayed out and visited but our boys were way overdue for a decent bedtime. So inside we went.

Remember all that sweet tea? I headed straight to the bathroom and instictively reached for the switch. Oh yeah, no power. "Mama's going potty with the door open. Sorry!"

With the remaining sunlight, Mr. Ordinary got the kids into bed and then opened their windows for a cool breeze since we couldn't run the air conditioning or cieling fans.

He and I settled in on the couch, each with our books, his Atlas Shrugged and my One Thousand Gifts. (affiliate links)

We opened the windows and let the chorus of crickets and giggling neighborhood kids provide our background music. Soon it was too dark to read, so we lit candles and just visited with one another. It was glorious.

I'm thinking of implementing a completely unplugged time somewhere in our schedule. Maybe an entire evening, maybe just a couple of hours, or maybe even an entire day every once in awhile. I've heard of other people doing this and calling it an Amish Evening.

How often do you unplug completely? How would you spend an Amish Evening?


This Heavenly Life said...

Oh, I love this idea. Our evenings lately have been spent with more and more plugged-in time than we like. But we both keep on pluggin' anyway...

And I remember when we were newlyweds with no money (as opposed to NOW with no money ;) and no internet. We snuggled on the couch a lot. We went on impromptu walks. We made dessert together and cleaned up the mess together. We went to bed a lot earlier, too, which led to know ;). Anyway! I'd love to start having Amish evenings!

(BTW, I'm new here...and I like it!)

Becky said...

We have never had an Amish night before on purpose. :) Hmm I think we will have to plan it in at least monthly but weekly sounds wonderful right now.

Gail @ The Imperfect Housewife said...

This sounds like a wonderful idea! I might have to start putting that into our schedule as well! Thank you for sharing this :)

Eva said...

sounds lovely!

More than Survival said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog so I could find yours! Enjoying it! We also had a time without power this summer..... my daughter's friend was here with us for the night and she said it was the highlight of her summer. Who would have thought that in our day of advanced technology that a night of board games by candle light would be the best night of the summer?? LOVE it!!!!!