Friday, August 26, 2011

Encouraging Words Link-Up With Giveaway

Yes! You read the title right. One participant this week will get a prize. And it's a fun one! The prize is, get this, one month of Picnik Premium. Pretty awesome, right?

Let me recap exactly what this Encouraging Words Link-Up is all about. It's like a weekly love note to your family. I use the whiteboard in my school room but you could use a chalkboard, a paper on your fridge or even an already existing piece of art as long as it has words on it.

Each Friday we'll link-up here to let others know what message we're sharing with our families. It could be:

  • a bible verse
  • a funny joke
  • an inspirational word
  • a quote
  • whatever you want to say
Just post it on your blog or facebook account and leave your link here for others to find. A link from your post to here would be nice too, but it's not required or anything.

I love the idea of making our homes encouraging and fun for our families and I can't wait to hear what you have to say!

Wanna see what I'm telling my family this week? Well, here it is!
 I'm no artist, but I think it's a fun reminder that bg things are in store for all of us.

Go ahead! Add your link!
*Winner of the free month of Picnik Premium will be announced in next week's Link-Up!


Tanna said...

I am new to posting encouraging words for the fam. But I love this idea! My kids can't read yet, but my husband I need to be reminded of things too!

I am currently painting a chalkboard in our kitchen to write furture messages. But this week I made a collage and printed it out for our fridge. It says "Laughter is an instant vacation." (quote by Milton Berle) We all get so stressed, even the kiddos, we all need to remember to laugh and just enjoy each other!

I also posted on my blog Simply Colorful Living

Sarah @ Ordinary Days said...

Love that one, Tanna! Might just steal it from you in the future. :)