Monday, August 15, 2011

What Love Looks Like

Warning: Please turn away or find the nearest waste basket if ooshy-gooshy love stuff makes you want to yak.


Can I just tell you a little story about Mr. Ordinary? Yes? Thanks. Here goes:

Mr. Ordinary came home from work today to a little mess I like to call 'me'. I was wearing my super stained, never leave the house in it shirt. I hadn't showered since, well, I'm not really sure. My pits were on fire and I was full of sunshine and roses with all my "I'm tired" and "What a rough day" and "Please take the kids somewhere for five minutes."

I laid down on the bed while he changed out of his work clothes and he laid down next to me. Mr. O snuggled  up to me and said, "Do you know what I love about you? I was looking at some pictures the other day and I realized you have such pretty eyebrows and you never have to do whatever it is those other girls do to them, They're just perfect the way they are."

I whined some more about how the park we went to today to outrun some grumpy moods was so dirty and run-down and gross and we shouldn't have even gone.

And he moved my hair off my shoulders, kissed my neck and said, "And you know what else? I look at your face and you look so young but when I listen to you speak you are so responsible and mature."

I blushed and told him to stop it. Then I went on about what a hadnful Sunshine had been.

"I couldn't stop thinking about you all day," he said.

Then he got the kids ready, took them to the park with the dog and here I sit.

And I can't stop thinking about him.


Elle said...

Looooooooove this. It makes my heart full when I hear positive and love-affirming tidbits about strong marriages. Thank you for sharing.

We should all be so lucky! (I am so thankful that I am.)

Penny said...

My hubby does this same thing..he can sweet talk me out of a bad mood in no time! I thank GOD everyday for my blessing of a husband!! thanks for sharing!

Tanna said...

So sweet. Made me smile. Good husbands are gems.

Kristen said...

So sweet. Very sweet. Wonderfully sweet!

Jane Anne said...

Thank you for sharing this moment. Sometimes I forget to stop and listen to what my husband is saying. Very sweet.

Rachel said...

aww <3 <3