Thursday, November 17, 2011

Just To Clarify...

Yesterday, when I said if I get to 42 weeks I'll give birth at home on a pile of towels? I was exagerating just a wee bit.

My plan right now is to get my body into labor well before any kind of intervention becomes necessary. I plan on getting some prenatal massages complete with all kinds of labor inducing accupressure. And believe me, I will be getting those puppies daily if I go over my due date. I know, I know. They're expensive. But I cannot put a price on not being induced.

And if I do get to the point where I'd have to be induced? Well, then I'm willing to cave on this one and get an epidural. Getting a needle stuck in back and not feeling like an active part of delivering my baby (that's just my opinion) is only slightly less appealing than having hideous Pitocin injected into my body.

And now, just for fun, a grainy belly shot.
almost 38 weeks, baby #5


See Jamie blog said...

Love that belly! You look great, and you're on the home stretch!!!

This Heavenly Life said...

I am so with you on the pitocin! Although I think the lack of control forced by an epidural is JUST as hideous (for me) as the pitocin would be...I can say that 'cause I've never experienced induction :)

But just in case you need it (and I know we don't know each other very well, so this may be too much info --), nipple stimulation naturally induced BOTH of my vaginal deliveries. Contractions began on the first and never stopped, contractions and water broke on my second. Just throwin' that out there :)

AND -- you look fabulous, mama :)

The Diaper Diaries said...

You are GORGEOUS!! Everyone tried to get me on pitocin with my last birth and I fought them all. I took to Twitter and doulas talked me through all sorts of things to go natural. I made it. You can make it too. Can't wait to meet baby #5!!!!

sandi said...

Pitocin sucked.
I agree with the nipple stimulation if it comes to that. Hopefully this is not tmi, but I was told to place warm damp wash clothes on my breasts. Also, having sex will sometimes do the trick! :)

Kork said...

Praying for a quick, easy delivery at the right time for this little one.

and I love how it looks like that baby has hands and feet against your back and is arched against your belly with all their might... hee hee...

total torpedo again. :D

FarmWife said...

Oh how I hate the pitocin. Never once did I get to go into labor naturally. BabyGirl was a week overdue & my blood pressure hit the roof. #1 Son had a kidney issue & my doctor was going out of town (since he was the only OB in the hospital I was not willing to risk it). The other 2 were c-sections.

I'm all for the epidural. They're amazing & do a pretty decent job of counteracting those hideous pitocin contractions.

Come on Baby #5- just make this one easy for your mama. She's already got 4 more at home to take care of. Going to the hospital is going to be her only vacation in YEARS!

moosh in indy. said...

I have a acupressure guy if you need him.
$35 and I had her within 36 hours.

Good luck and you look lovely!

Susan said...

Ha! My friend wanted as little intervention as possible so labored at home before going to the hospital. Only she ended up giving birth on a pile of towels in NYC in her apartment.

I love acupuncture, I've been thinking the same if I go over my due date.

But my 95 year old grandmother thinks I'll have this baby early, and I seriously believe anything that comes out of her mouth. She's awesome so I've decided to bank on it.