Tuesday, April 24, 2012

There All Along

For some reason, right now I'm thinking about when my kids finally have kids how I'll want to snuggle their babies. I'm not sure how this thought managed to come into my brain. But it did and there it is.

So I'll just write about it.

I was thinking, a few days ago, about how as girls we have our eggs in our bodies before we're even born. That made me think about how my babies were with me all my life; when I was making bad decisons and when I was making good ones, when I was too young to know better and when I finally figured things out, when I was wandering through high school and when I was determined and assured in the Army.

And on my wedding day, in my poofy dress with my long veil, excited about what life had in store for me. I knew there would be kids and that made me so happy. But if I had known they would be these kids? I would have been doing flips and running around shaking everyone by the shoulders saying, "Do you know who I get to be a mama to? Oh, they are simply amazing and I can not wait!"

God's plan is a great one.

And now I look at my daughter and am thrilled to be able to nurture her into her way, way, way, so very far off time of motherhood*. It gives me chills. And I just about faint when I think that a very significant part of my future grandchildren is snuggled in her tummy at this very moment.

I love them already.

If that is what's in her future, of course. Personally, I really hope it is


CJ said...

I think of this, every now and then. I think the automatic love is there for our grandchildren, just as for our children....it's just meant to be.

Laurie said...

So not ready to think about grandchildren, although I am sure I will love them as much as my amazing boys!

becca said...

if it were up to my 7 yo daughter she'd be popping out babies to take care of tomorrow. I'm happy to wait though! As much as I'm sure i'll love them. :)

Penny said...

since I was the Mom to 2 boys, I thought I would not have the same connection with my grandkids because their Momma's Mom would have the closer connection..with that mom/daughter thing..but I am here to tell you that I love being a grandma!! and to see my boys being the Dad their dad never was!! it just makes me so proud..I now know that they have gotten thier parenting skills from me and they are just the most awesome Dads!! Being a Grandma is just the bestest thing ever!!

Jen said...

Oh, what a sweet sweet way of thinking about the world and our place in it and how we make it ours. Thank you for linking up!