Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The $40 Wardrobe Challenge: Me vs. Me

I've written before that one way to win the war on laundry is to just have less clothes. It's so easy and so true.

It's time to get Sunshine's wardrobe changed out to summer clothes and I'm definitely keeping my less is best rule.

Here is`what I have so far. I've picked up two dresses from Zulily* for just $7.99 each. My parent's found a new with the tags on Ralph Lauren dress at a garage sale, and I grabbed one dress, one pair of shorts and two t-shirts from Wal-Mart for about $15 when we had a surprise heat wave in March.

Oh, and we got her some new Crocs this weekend, too. And a few pairs of leggings from last year have turned into some cute capris for my skinny girl this summer.

zulily, garage sale, Wal-Mart
So now I've gone and challenged myself to round out her summer wardrobe for $40, a number I completely pulled out of thin air. I'm tempted to change it to $50 now, but I won't! I'm thinking she'll need a few more tees, some tiny bit dressier than Crocs sandals and maybe a play dress and another pair of shorts.

Now I need your tips so I can win this self-imposed challenge. There's no one I hate losing to more than myself. 

Where is your favorite place to pick inexpensive but still completely cute clothes for your girls?

Don't worry. I'll make sure to let you know how I do. I just need a game plan first. Chime in and help me out!

*I am a Zulily affiliate.


Katrina said...

Honestly this year I have clothed three kids (second boy did get fair amount of hand me downs) by hitting two church consignment sales (that benefit either their preschool or school programs). The ones in our area have one in the spring for spring/summer clothes and one in fall for fall/winter. I spent less than $60 and came away with pretty complete wardrobes. New underwear at the local box store and we were good to go for summer. Good luck!

FarmWife said...

I know you've already hit it up, but Wal-Mart is where we live. If you have a good consignment store near you, go for it. And the Children's Place (while a bit pricey for my taste... although I ADORE their clothes) has the cutest & cheapest flip flops for little ones. Bitsy gets 2 pairs each summer- one for nice & one for the yard. One of her pairs is sparkly & have been worn to church a time or two.

Kork said...

Super Target...but that's because our local area sales SUCK...
I've also found that Garanimals and other Wal-Mart brands SHRINK and must be air-dried...and get ripped pretty quickly.

I don't know what it is - but our stuff from Super Target was pretty darn cute this summer, and I've got stuff from Princess that Littlest One is now wearing.

Stacy said...

I like to hit Kohl's clearance or Children's Place. But my all time favorite shopping for the family is TJ Maxx or Marshall's. You never have to wait for a sale at TJ Maxx or Marshall's. Instead of hitting the city wide sale this spring I opted to challenge myself to buy LESS for my daughter at the retail stores. I bought her the bare minimum and didn't have to hunt, fight, wash and sort all those finds at garage sales that overwhelm and take up so much of my time. It took only one trip and keeping to the KISS rule! I so agree that LESS IS BETTER all around!

Penny said...

I'm all about Once Upon A Child consignment for my granddaughter..there are several in the Indy area and I can usually find great things that still have the tags on them! and the fact that they are a Christian store makes me smile!!

nadpip83 said...

I like to shop for tshirts at Target, I bought a bunch for $3 a piece and I've never had a problem with the quality of Walmart Garanimals clothes and my girls are pretty rough on them.