Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Feeling Very

Right now I'm feeling very...

...sunset at the beach on a towel messy with sand

...long flowy skirt, messy bun and sun glasses

...wildflower bouquet in an old glass vase

...great song on the radio that you haven't heard in years

...snowcone at a summer festival with live music in the air

How are you feeling?


Carrie said...

I'm feeling very... agitated. Very 30 weeks pregnant. Very "I can't go on like this another 8 weeks or so".


FarmWife said...

Hungry. No. Wait. That's not what you mean, is it?

I'm feeling accomplished & crafty. And a bit frustrated because I seem to be in full blown internet addiction this week.

I could go for some Sunset at the beach right now.

Penny said...

feeling very I dont want to work even though I took an extra day off for the 3 day weekend and made it a 4 day weekend and now that doesnt seem like it was enough :-(

Becca said...

I feel pressure this time but excited for my next project.