Monday, May 21, 2012

This Monday is Being So Very Monday

Ugh. Boys.

You know Mr. Ordinary? The one that always turns off my interior lights in my van and never turns them back on? The one who says "What party?" five minutes before we're supposed to walk out the door when I've only told him about the party 500 and eleventy-billion times before? The one who just stole my breakfast that I was really looking forward to eating?

Ugh. Yeah. I love him. I do.

Anyway, my new breakfast and I have escaped to the deck for a little peace and quiet. As quiet as it gets by a roaring man-made pond with a huge fountain. Ah, well. Kind of reminds me of the ocean.

You see, I was just writing at the table when my breakfast was stolen and Sunshine insisted on sitting on my lap and squirming and basically just not giving me the five minutes of quiet wake-up time I needed. And then my post just disappeared.

Fun times, folks. Fun Monday morning time.

I need coffee.

Tell me something good.

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FarmWife said...

I wolfed down my grape-nuts (not the breakfast I really wanted) while checking facebook posts. Then moved on to goodreads (where I'm trapped & can't seem to get out) while Bitsy screamed at me that she needed to learn all about how to go to Kindergarten RIGHT NOW!!!

I finally gave up & went out to play catch with Bitsy & the Boys. BabyGirl woke up & wanted to help make lunch so I put her in charge of the frozen perogis. She's moved on to rice krispy treats. This could be a good day after all.

And I'm jealous of your deck.