Monday, June 11, 2012


Oh, you guys! I feel good. I feel so goooood! Vacation'll do that to you.

I can always tell it's almost time for vacation because little old me runs out of gas. I get cranky and grumpy and whiny and frustrated. Apparently my full tank keeps me going for about 50-51 weeks.

I just got a fill-up.

We spent last week in Panama City Beach getting sand between our toes and behind our ears and in our hair. We built sand castles and jumped in crazy-huge waves and sat under a purple and yellow and blue and green umbrella and breathed in the salty air. The length of the pool was conquered with a first swim, the palette of a two year old was expanded with a new found love of scallops, and the seed of stardom was planted when a certain seven year old was invited onstage during a magic show.

I brought home the paper plates and cups because not doing dishes for a few more days stretches vacation a little longer. Heck, I brought home the hotel room water cups, coffee cups, coffee, and tea, too. The impulse buy beach chairs and umbrellas are making themselves at home on our deck. And if I sit in them and close my eyes, our retention pond fountain sounds just like the ocean. Well, pretty close anyway.

So what was it like vacationing with five little kids? Well, Sunshine did just kinda walk right into the deep end of the pool on our first day. I was far enough away that Mr. O, who was holding the baby at the time, had to quickly lay our 6 month old down on the stone pool deck so he could jump in and get her. And our crazy 5 year old was always forgetting who he was supposed to go with when I went one way with some kids and Mr. O went the other way with the rest. Good news is we always found him and somehow or another, he actually made it home with us. 

One week wasn't enough. It never is. I really wish we were still there right now. And we always talk about how we need to go more than once a year, that Mr. Ordinary and I should slip away some weekend in the fall for a quick trip there alone. It hasn't happened yet. But who knows, this might be the year.

I sure hope it is.

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FarmWife said...

Other than the escapees, it sounds like a fabulous vacation! I'm so glad you got to enjoy it.

This year we're home bound, but I can sit under my deck umbrella and listen to the FarmHands splash in the pool & pretend Husband is a cabana boy.