Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Even Weirder Neighbors

So I told you about my conspiracy-theory, staring-in-the-dark, dressed in black neighbors at our old house.

After finally moving, we hit the jackpot with our current neighbors. We've got sweet little girls who love to babysit, older boys to play basketball and ride bikes with our little guys, sweet adults to chat with and borrow the occasional tool from. And who wouldn't want to live by this great family?

But there is one house that is just doing their darnedest to fulfill the neighborhood quota of crazy for all of us.

I'm thinking there must be some kind of contest going on that only they know about. And apparently that contest is "How Much Crap Can You Squeeze Into Your Yard?"  Lord knows they've already won the "Turn Your Garage Into a VIP Strip Club Room!" competition, what with the red painted walls, red leather couches, glass & brass shelving, 5 foot mermaid statue, and circa-1990 big screen TV. This, of course, leaves no room in their 3-car garage for any of their 4 cars. So they get tetris-y and somehow squeeze them into their tiny driveway instead.

It's awesome.

But back to the How Much Crap Can You Squeeze Into Your Yard competition...

Their skill in this area is nothing short of amazing because their front yard is only about 15 feet deep from the sidewalk to the front door. Yet they have managed to squeeze so much classiness in that tiny space!

They've got the six foot black, three layer fountain smack dab in the middle, two sets of stick-in-the-ground solar lights lining the sidewalk and their tiny driveway, a plethora of garden statues all over the gash dang place, one of them there fancy gazing balls and a few decorative garden flags hanging from their microscopic porch. It's just so... charming.

Let's move along to the backyard, shall we? They've got wicker chairs, a chimnia, an infinite number of stepping stones and two tables with a combined seating capacity of 10!

But wouldn't you know it, that wasn't enough. This weekend they added 3 cement tables with connected benches. Seating capacity now 22. Nothing screams classy like turning your backyard into a public park picnic area!

The backyards on our block are a tiny bit prominent because they back up to our neighborhood pond and are all visible from a major road. It's so nice of these great neighbors to share this stunning view with everyone who passes by.



Angie @ Just Like The Number said...

Now you have me all curious ... I'm going to have to check your neighbor out on our way to the pool one day. Everybody has that one odd neighbor. Ours is the one who has an essentially fully furnished deck: patio furniture, tiki torches, even a rug for her deck ... and yet in the 6 years we've lived here we've never seen her out on that deck once, either by herself or entertaining. Very strange.

FarmWife said...

My next door neighbors (who are also related to us) are 2 trailer shy of a park. Luckily you can't see anything from our house (thank God for woods). While missing the over decorate ambiance of your neighbors, ours make up for it in the sheer volume of trash in the yard. Yup, trash.