Friday, June 22, 2012

Pineapple Tidbits*

  • Mr. Ordinary and I just had our 10th wedding anniversary a little while back. Yay us!
  • My oldest just turned 9! I know! How can that be possible when I was only 20 when he was born? Oh, because I'm 29, you say? Hmm, makes sense I guess.
  • Threw the kids out on the deck with some bubbles and stick-n-yarn bow and arrows this morning. Crossed my fingers that they'd play and not beg to come inside for at least an hour. It worked!
  • My baby is getting teeth and sitting up. I'm pretty sure I'm OK with this.
  • Sunshine is doing her business in the proper place. I am definitely sure that I am 100% A-OK with this.
  • I ate a clove of raw garlic with my lunch. My breath is insane right now, but it was mighty tasty.
  • I've lost 18 pounds since the beginning of the year. Feel pretty good about that.
  • I figured out why the pond by my house kind of, sort of smells like the ocean. Nope, it wasn't in my head. It was a huge fish some cat or other creature has dragged up by our deck and dined on. Mr. Ordinary will be taking care of that when he gets home.
  • Shhhhhhhh! means absolutely nothing to my children, no matter how much saliva I manage to enthusiastically spray across the room. However, Do you need a nap? strikes a cord every time.

*The lunch menu at my grade school always called them pineapple tidbits. Not chunks or pieces or cubes or bites. Tidbits. Not sure why that's burned into my memory, but it is.

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