Thursday, June 14, 2012

Today is Me

I'm wearing my favorite skirt today. It's pink and flowy and makes my make-up-less face and messy hair knot seem like they're that way on purpose.

I sat on a blanket in the yard with my jiggly baby boy for a good hour this morning. We were both fascinated with the leafy branches blowing in the breeze.

The big kids rode bikes and played basketball and made birds nests out of piles of twigs and leaves. And ended up covered in dirt.

When I'm an old lady, achy and stiff with age, I want to remember days like this. I want my kids to read this at my funeral and picture today when they close their eyes and think of me.


Stout Blog said...

i like this post, A LOT.

Becca said...

lovely post! i like the pink skirt.

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