Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Bird's Nest

We're very lucky. Our kids don't get sick very often. But when they do, we begin Operation Bird's Nest.

Our master bath has a garden tub. (Don't go thinking we're all fancy-like. Our dining room has no table, we lived here for a year before we got a refrigerator for the kitchen and after living in this house for two solid years we've still only painted one room.)

At the first sign of illness that tub, which usually serves as bubble central for the three and one-year-old's baths, is transformed. We throw in a cushy comforter, a pillow or two and a couple of soft blankets. A white bucket reserved for just such occasions is placed on the surrounding ledge and the laptop is positioned on the counter top nearby.

And presto! Our tub has become the Bird's Nest!

The child snuggles in and begins to enjoy (as much as a poor sicky-poo can) some extra special attention from Mom and Dad.

As head nurse at The Ordinary Infirmary, I take temperatures, dispense medication, keep the Gatorade cup filled and keep the funny videos and movies rolling on the laptop.

Chief of Medicine, Dr. Mr. Ordinary is a firm believer in literary therapy and spends multiple chunks of the day sitting on the bathmat next to the tub reading books to the patient. He's also the head hair holder and encourager when and if actual puking takes place.

When the sick child is all better, they shower and put on fresh clothes before leaving the bathroom to rejoin the rest of the world. Their clothes and all of the blankets and pillows from the Bird's Nest go straight into the wash and the entire bathroom gets a good wipe down with bleach wipes.

No matter how careful we are, these types of sicknesses usually pass through the whole house (just like some kind of tummy bug/fever/headache-y type thing did this past week). But this at least helps keep it to one kid at a time. Much easier to handle that way, if you ask me.


Herb of Grace said...

I LIKE this idea :)

Helen Strauss said...

Perfect bird's nest, I'd say. It would be a lovely Bird's nest if one would plan to make it using the durable Arkansas granite.

Jamel Smith said...

That bird's nest would also be a nice family bonding experience that would ease away jet lag symptoms.

Lara Hall said...

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