Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Parent Meeting

Each afternoon, when Mr. Ordinary walks through the door he greets each of the kids with hugs and some "How was your day?" and "Oh, I missed you!" and "How'd school go?"

After that, it's time for The Parent Meeting.

What's this, you ask. Well, let me explain.

We all need moments of pause in our days. And for Mr. O and I, this is ours.

The two of us retreat to our bedroom, shut the door, and begin our daily meeting. I usually flop down on the bed while Mr. O changes from work clothes to dog-walking clothes before joining me. Sometimes we discuss the evenings plans, like who is taking whom to what kind of practice or what I've got in mind for dinner. More often than not I get to hear about the funny people at my husband's office and what kind of shenanigans they got in to that day. And Mr. O gets to hear about how high the baby climbed on the pantry shelves before I noticed or how many amazing knock-knock jokes I had the pleasure of listening to that day.

And sometimes we just lay down and take a quick snooze.

The kids know better than to interrupt Parent Meeting. They've been instructed that this is time for them to have a Kid Meeting downstairs. I'm not positive about what they do. I think sometimes they watch a movie or play their favorite self-invented game, Lost In The Woods, in the playroom. The 9-year-old is in charge and no one has set fire to anything just yet, so that's all that matters.

Parent Meeting usually last about a half an hour. Afterward Mr. Ordinary is off to walk his dog, usually accompanied by a kid or three, and I clock back in to my mom job, changing a diaper or getting dinner started or something along those lines.

It's our version of daily R&R. And it is oh so needed and cherished.

Do you schedule downtime in your day? What do you do for a quick break?


Carrie Lauth said...

That's a great hubs and I have coffee together early every morning and a weekly couple's meeting.

Erin said...

What a great idea!! Dh and I have been tossing around the need for something like this recently.

Inkling said...

I'd give my weight in gold for a meeting like that. We only have one kiddo who is desperately lonely and hates to play by himself. Some moms do tummy time with their babies. I do "play by yourself" time with my four year old. (and yes, I'd love to give him a sibling or three, but it's not in the cards yet despite our efforts) He also happens to be a nightowl, with or without a nap. And our budget to hire a babysitter just isn't happening until we get a paycheck happening again. This means that we miss each other a ton, and I don't even know if I remember how to talk to my husband without having to speak in code or keep it rated for 4 year old ears.

The 30 minutes you guys have sounds more exotic than a trip to Hawaii at this point. It's a brilliant idea.

FarmWife said...

We have about 40 minutes in between my coming home from work & his leaving. We cram all the necessary information in that bit of time...and the occasional game of scrabble. ;) Luckily the 'Hands are all at school during our "parent meeting" times.