Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Let's Play "What Did The Dog Eat Today?"

You know, he used to be a good pup. But suddenly, like most people as they get old, this dog of ours has turned into a grumpy butt that doesn't really care what anyone thinks about him anymore.

This is evidenced by his new hobby of eating all the things.

I've got lemons, friends. But I'm determined to make some lemonade. Let's turn this mess into a fun game, okie dokie?

I'll give you some choices. You comment with a guess. And somebody wins a $5 Starbucks card. You sip a latte while I scoop up globs of my belongings covered in dog slobber. Fair trade, right? I'll share the answer and draw a winner on Friday.

So, what did the dog eat today?

Was it:
A. a poopy diaper
B. a glitter-filled Christmas ornament
C. a fresh loaf of bread that was cooling on the counter
D. one of the Ordinary Kids

Good luck!


designHER Momma said...

the diaper. it's always the diaper.

FarmWife said...

My guess is the ornament. Glitter poop is always fun. (At our house it's always crayons and kleenex.)

L, Ann and boys said...

all but the last one…am I right? :) For your sake, I hope not.

Andria S

Jill said...

I vote B :)