Friday, July 18, 2014

7 Quick Takes: The "This Is My First Time" Edition

So there's this fun little Friday thingie called 7 Quick Takes that I've loved reading other people's entries of forever. Well, today I'm jumping in feet first. Not sure if I'm doing it right, but I'll just cross my fingers and hope for the best.

1....2....3.... WHEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

My sweet little baby is two months old today. Somehow I'm OK with this. She is so perfect and squeezable and soft and smiley and sweet. She's also the first baby to sleep through the night since my firstborn, lo those many eleven years ago. The four in between my two sleepy bookends were all middle-of-the-night partiers. Oh, and just because I called her a bookend doesn't mean she'll always hold that title. You know how we Catholics are...

We went to an outdoor concert last night. Mr. Ordinary sat with the sweet baby an enjoyed the music and a beverage while I played soccer with the others. All the while hoping *fingers crossed* that my kids will grow up with memories of how awesome their mom was because she played soccer with them barefoot in the grass. I also attempted my annual cartwheel due-to-happy-wistful-mommy-endorphine-overload. My wrists do not thank me.

alleged suspect of Quick Take #7
My next album will be kicked off with the sure-to-be-a-smash-hit, entitled Are You Going To Poop Poop For Your Mama? sung to the tune of She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain When She Comes.  I'll leave the inspiration for that one to your imaginations.

Oh my gosh. I can't believe I haven't told you yet, but Mr. Ordinary was baptized at the Easter Vigil this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As you may guess from the number of exclamation points, I'm just a teensy bit elated over this. Seriously, you guys. Dream! Come! True! I'll have to get him on here sometime to share his conversion story. I love a good conversion story. Don't you?

I took the baby and 4.5yo Sunshine to Old Navy this morning where we chatted with another nice little mama while we waited for them to open the doors. (Some people love to shut down the club, I love to open up the Old Navy. Woot woot!!) This nice little mama assumed these two were my only kids and gave me all the advice about age gaps and having a third and other things I already know because, well, I have a billion more kids but they just aren't with me at the moment but keep on talking, nice little mama. I won't rain on your advice giving parade.

I got this and this and a white flowy blouse that I can't find on their website. But trust me. It's super cute!

I have a bit of advice for you, if you don't mind. Don't agree to let your two year old ride his tricycle all the way to and from the park down the street because it will take for-ev-er and you will encourage him to speed up so you can actually make it back to your house this year
and not have to live out the rest of your lives right there on the street, and he may just then scream "I don't want to live on the street!" as you pass in front of your neighbor, Mr. Judgy-Eyes.

You're welcome.


Nicole said...

"Mr. Judgy-Eyes"! Love it, and been there!

FarmWife said...


Love the tees. I'm working on breaking in my new gray v-neck but I think I need 3 more.

I can never keep my mouth shut when people start giving advice. Recently someone was saying something about raising boys (I only had #1 Son & B.B. with me) vs girls when I finally said, "Oh, there's 2 of them, too. They're just not with me."

I can't believe your littlest is 2 months old already. I'm reveling in the sweet baby pics on FB. You have BEAUTIFUL children.

And I am SOOOO happy for Mr.O! Such a wonderful thing to share your faith with your spouse. We had a few iffy years around here, but Husband took a turn a few years back & it's done wonders for our marriage.