Thursday, July 03, 2014

"Are You Going To Have More?"

I realize I'm all out of order here, with being about to write about my six week check-up before even writing the birth story and all, but bare with me. I'll get the birth story on here at some point. I promise!

Six weeks ago The Ordinary Family welcomed a squishy lump of joy in the form of a baby girl. (Yes! A girl! Sunshine now has a sister! Hooray!) She is wonderful, smells delicious, eats quite often and makes all of so so so so very very very very happy. 

Yep, that's right. We've now earned our sixth badge in the Crazy League of Parenthood Troop! Yeah us! Woot woot!

I had my six week check-up today and got to answer that always oh-so-exciting question. "So, what are you thinking about for birth control?" I used to sweat about this one, imagining they'd be thinking, "Oh, one of those crazy Catholics. Who does she think she is? A Duggar?"

But much like having a slew of strangers take a peek at your hoo-ha, after awhile you just get used to it.

"No birth control. Thanks."

And, thankfully, when this nurse said, "So, do you think you'll have more?" and I answered, "Who knows, maybe!" I was thrilled to hear her say, "Well that's exciting! If anyone can handle it, it's you!"

I've gotten the, "Are you going to have more?" question a few times and I always answer in one of two ways, depending on how genuinely interested the person asking seems to be:

Just making conversation, not too interested:  "Maybe, we'll see."

Genuinely interested: "Well, we're Catholic. We're doing ok financially and they make us pretty happy, so probably." (If I think they can handle it, I like to throw in a little, "We're so fertile!" in there, just for fun. ;) ) #ohnoshedidnt #ohyesIdid #Catholicismdrop

And one thing I ALWAYS do, smile! Yes, the more kids you have, the more your life changes. The more selfless you have to become. The more sleep you lose. The more workload you take on.

But also, the more joy you are filled with! Share it! Let people know that these babies are gifts and much more than diapers and night feedings and potty training and early Saturday morning soccer practices.

They. Are. Joy!


L, Ann and boys said...

I'm so happy to hear you're little girl is here safe and sound! I'll be waiting for the birth story, I love them! ;) We are starting CC this fall at Fishers location. I'm so glad there is another mama out there rocking the sixth kiddo even if we are (as my husband likes to say after being dubbed catholic or mormon by an onlooker) "prolific Protestants". haha ;) We need to do a play date sometime...

Anna said...

I appreciate that my ob's office always phrases it "Any thoughts on birth control?" They don't seem to know what a dangerous question that is to ask me (Any thoughts, from someone finishing certification in Theology of the Body?! Got a few hours?), but I limit myself to "Yes, it's the only drug prescribed to break a healthy body system." Says what I want to, without throwing too much at them. Though you'd think they'd look at my chart enough to notice that birth control is not really needed for someone who comes back for a prescription for fertility drugs every couple years...